Personal Rapid Transit

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) is a new form of personal Public Transport using small automated electric Podcars to provide demand responsive feeder and shuttle services connecting eg a parking lot with a major transport terminal and/or with other facilities such as a university, hospital, hotels, shopping or exhibition centre. The system is rather like a lift or elevator, in that the passenger presses a button at the stop to both call the vehicle and select the destination at the same time. The Podcar will then arrive and go directly to that destination without making any stops along the way. The Podcars run on a segregated guideway in order to avoid any interaction with other traffic, and provide clean, green, efficient and sustainable transportation. With the higher vehicle speeds and very small headways that are possible and on large networks with off-line stops, PRT can provide fast, individual, on-demand and point-to-point Public Transport with virtually zero waiting times.


Inspiring examples can be found in:

Cardiff test track, UK (fact sheet) (case study)
Heathrow demonstration in CityMobil, UK
Uppsala test track, Sweden (fact sheet) (case study)


Click here for a 2 page document with key facts and good practice about this innovative concept.

Click here for the full guidelines for implementers for this innovative concept (12 pages).


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